Bret Michaels is Going for Heart Surgery

Bret Michaels is scheduled for a procedure of heart surgery in Phoenix to correct a hole in his heart.

The doctors found out the hole in Bret’s heart when they treat him for a brain hemorrhage last April.
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center’s surgical team was scheduled to perform the procedure on Monday. The said hospital stated that the 47 year-old rocker needs to undergo cardiac catheterization in which the doctor planned to insert a catheter into a vein in the groin together with a guide wire as well as a closure device for the heart with cameras that will assist doctors when they do the closure of the hole.

The device used for the closure will remain permanently in Bret’s heart to prevent abnormal blood flow from the two chambers of the heart.

The doctors said that if Bret will not undergo the procedure, he will most likely developing blood clots plus an additional stroke may happen.

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