On Top Of The World

Without sounding too much like a travel advertisement, I must say that St.John's and Newfoundland in general, is one of the must see destinations in Canada. With a bit of an island vibe, the province is loaded with natural beauty and cultural charm. My favorite thing about the people is that everybody ends their sentence with dear or darling. For example, "What can I get for you dear?" or "Here you go darling"!! I mean how adorable is that?

These pictures were taken at Signal Hill, which over looks the downtown harbour area (we also live down there). It is a historical army base and was the reception point for the first transatlantic wireless signal in 1901. Although today, it seems that the hill has become a popular spot for watch the sunset. 

This 'darling' tutu ballerina skirt from Designers Remix Collection was a Christmas gift from Dominic. You may remember it from this post a few months back to which I declared my love to it. I guess this whole blog thing is a good thing because I never even asked for it for Christmas and Dominic got it for me anyways - what an amazing husband!! I don't think I could have received anything better for Christmas!!

Snood: J Crew
Sweater: BCBG
Skirt: Designers Remix Collection
Tights: H & M
Boots: Madewell

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