Jennifer Lopez in Indian reality show?

We got a chance to witness international hottie Pamela Anderson in Season 4 of Bigg Boss. Guess what? It may just get even bigger than that - only figuratively speaking.

We hear that Jennifer Lopez may be signed up to judge a reality show in India.

'X-Factor' is a musical reality show in the US, and the desi version is all set to hit the Indian screens as well. Speculations were rife that JLo would judge this one. However, the smoke was formed out of a little misunderstanding. "JLo was to judge the US reality show X-Factor. Now the Pussycat Dolls will be on the panel. There's no such luck of JLo judging the Indian version," said a source.

However, with the ever-rising popularity of reality shows in India, it's only a matter of time before international celebs partake in the Indian frenzy, too. Pamela Anderson was just the beginning, we're sure.

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