Pakistan artistes told not to sign Indian films

In the wake of Shiv Sena threatening Bollywood against giving assignments to Pakistani artists, the Lollywood bigwigs in Pakistan have advised their colleagues to stop signing Indian films and television shows.

Lollywood’s top director Syed Noor said it was shameful for the Pakistani artists, who visited India for fame and money, to work in the Indian industry after such insult. It is now clear that Indian fanatics leave no stone unturned to slander Pakistani artists but regretfully some of our artists like Verena Malik still wish to work in India, he said.

Senior actor and the president of Pakistan film artists association Mustafa Qureshi said the Shiv Sena has threatened and insulted our artists several times but despite such incidents, artists frequently visit India, to mint money. “They should at least keep in mind the respect of the country if they have not their own”, he said.

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