Meet The Hottest Animated Disney Women

Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) – Is there any universe where she is NOT the hottest Disney babe? She shakes, she shimmies, she sings. Con: May possibly be TOO much woman for one guy to handle…

Jane (Tarzan) – Ok, I’ll admit I haven’t seen a Disney movie since Aladdin. But Jane just screams hotness. Gotta love the tie and white gloves. Prim and proper. Cons: Um, can you say waistline?

Pocahontas – Umm…you know this is an *official* Disney wallpaper? Maybe not historically accurate, but never before has buckskin looked so good. Obviously John Smith had more than colonizing on his mind.

Jasmine – Beautiful locks, rock-hard abs and she’s crazy rich? Cons: Maybe her nose is a little big…

Cinderella – Classic beauty. She cooks, she cleans, she sews. Cons: The in-laws. I hear her mother is a b-tch.

Mulan – Good skin, lustrous black hair AND the voice of Lea Salonga? I’m in heaven. Cons: If she gets mad at you, look out, I hear she’s pretty good with a sword

Belle (Beauty & The Beast) – Beautiful and humble lass. Devoted to her family. Cons: Likes her men thick and wooly.

Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) – She’s a firecracker with a social consciences. And boy can she dance! Cons: Um…what’s up with her and the goat?

Snow White – The fairest of them all. Cons: Those pesky little dwarves she’s cohabitating with.

Arial (The Little Mermaid) – One word: shells. Cons: Some seriously big 80′s hair. May also be underage.

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